Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Human voices

There are four major kinds of human voices which are Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. Usually, we called those four as the SATB. Soprano is the highest voice and usually it is for female voice and Alto is usually also for woman's voice. Tenor and Bass are kinds of voices for male. 

Soprano : the term "soprano" refers to female singers but at times the term "male soprano" has been used by men who sing in the soprano vocal range using falseto vocal production instead of the modal voice.

Alto : alto" describes the second highest voice part in a four-parts chorus.

Tenor : type of male singing voice and is the highest male voice within the modal register.

Bass : a type of male singing voice and possesses the lowest vocal range of all vocal types.

Characters :
Soprano : Celine Dion, Charice

Alto : Taylor swift, Toni Braxton

Tenor : Andrea Bocelli, Michael JAckson, Il Divo

Bass : Scotty ( from Americal Idol ) 

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