Monday, January 16, 2012

Reflection on Tech Usage

The average of my tech devices usage ( hour ) in one day are 14 Hours. Based from my data, I use 5 tech devices which are laptop, I-pad, Television, smartphone, and car each day with different time and usage. I use laptop for 2 hours, I-pad for 1 hour, Television for 2 hour, Smartphone for 5 hours, and car for 4 hours.

When I look again at my data, I felt that I am satisfied enough with the time usage for each devices. It is because I can see that I can manage my time wisely. I use my laptop for the usage of schoolwork and the time is suitable for doing the schoolwork and not wasting a lot of time. For I-pad, I use it for learning such as browsing, collecting data, e-mail, and other and I am satisfied enough with the duration of usage. During the leisure time, I watch the television for 2 hours. I think it is a wise duration of usage also for saving and decrease the electricity bill. I use my cellphone from 3.00 pm until 8.00 pm. For my transportation, I use car, a car which is automatic which means they use computer to operate.

My usage can be called as “time efficient” and not a “a time waster” because each devices I use, is based on its function and my needs such as doing papper work for 2 hours which should be enough. I motto is that I have to finish my work with the least time need but it is not doing the task fast and not focus, it means that I avoid any distration wether it is television or phone or games and focus to do my work so I can use the time wisely.

Even though I am already satisfy with my time usage, I need to improve my time and usage of the devices to achiever better result than rightnow. I am still trying to lesen my game time so I can be more focus on my work and maybe I can finish all of my work faster than before. It will be a great achievement for me. If I have more time left, maybe I can help my parents to do their work by helping them to make paper such as proposal to help their business. I am sure by helping them, I also help them to decrease their task. As a citizen, by minimizing the usae of devices, I can help the country to economize the electricity bill.

Everytime I do tasks, I always choose the one that has high priority than other such as I will do the Music task which is due on Monday first and then the Math task which is due on Thursday eventough Music task is harder than Math task. My motto is I will do the most high priority and then I will do the lower priority eventhough ther higher priority is harder than the other. By doing it, I also learn how to be organized and totally focused to my work so it can be done fast. Well, I think that's all about my relfection. I hope I can keep my work up for the future.